Covid –  19 – How will this affect us? How will it effect your proposed Building Works??

It is pretty much impossible for any of us to truly understand how this saga will effect our lives, businesses, plans and lives at the moment but in true British spirit I want to remain optimistic and fruitful. Whilst there will inevitably be some disruption, we can plan around this and make efficient use of the time we have been afforded.  Let’s plan, Let’s get organised, Let’s beat the odds and make Britain a country that thrives under additional pressure and refuses to give in.

So how can we help here at PWS Surveyors Ltd?  We can ensure that all paperwork is in place for your build where the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 applies. We can assist you in ensuring proper measures are taken in advance to minimise any risk of complications or damages as a result of the works. By insisting on regularity and performance criteria we can be ready to go as soon as we are able.

Yes we will need to visit site, and whilst at the moment site visit have not been cancelled we understand they may be or people may be less willing for  an internal survey to go ahead. In these instances we can assess the true need for an internal survey. If an external survey would be sufficient there is no need to hold up the process. Where an internal survey is required we can ensure all matters area dealt with prior to the visit making this the final element and ensuring as soon as we are able to undertake an inspection, we can complete the process thereafter without any further delays, usually within days of the survey.

We can also be realistic and make allowances for the validity of an award to offer a longer duration than normal, with the agreement of all parties it may be considered realistic to offer an 18 month period over the current 12 months usually applied for commencing the works.  This to may help with cash flow whilst still working towards a goal.

We are hopeful that we can remain positive and functioning as a business offering you a superior service and contactibility throughout.  Let us help you conquer the restrictions you’re facing by being proactive and productive, perhaps not completely overriding the fragility of the current situation but by ensuring it does not impact you more than is necessary. There is nothing stopping us working together to ensure, when this is over, you can crack on with your plans. After-all, if you delay serving notices until we are over the current crisis the overall delay could be duplicated. Let the ‘waiting game’ commence on the process while the ‘delay phase’ is rife . Let the 2 unknown stages in terms of time scales work hand in hand. You can expect to enter the final stage of your Party Wall Process at the uplifting time of entering the ‘mitigation stage’ of the virus. Cause for double celebration, you may say!!

Please contact us, help us to keep going and we will help you to keep going too. Together we can make this a better time for us all.

For free advise or a quote please contact us or call 0800 3112077 or email enquiries@@party-wall-services.co.uk

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