Party Wall Guidance – An update

As a homeowner it can be daunting when you are faced with the prospect of having to serve Party Wall Notices, especially if you were not previously aware that notices were required and are now facing delays in getting a project started or loosing your chosen contractor.

Whilst we encourage people to research all elements of the build well in advance we do realise, particularly with Rural projects, some people have never come across the act and the first they hear of it is by the contractor or neighbours right before the works are to commence.  In these situations, we will do all we can to support Building Owners and Adjoining Owners through the process to make the process as swift as possible and to minimise delays, provided that the information required for notices and awards (if required) is made available to us and neighbours are happy to waiver notice periods.

For additional information and support the government also provide a guidance leaflet which has recently been updated.  Please see the link below for some general information.  Should you require any further assistance, clarification or a quotation please do not hesitate to call Party Wall Services free on 0800 311 2077.

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