Greener on The Other Side? – Let’s Make the Change NOW!!

We are living in an era of greener thinking and greener working. We can barely get through a day without coming across new ‘green’ schemes, even busses have green messages in place of adverts and we are all very conscious of our roles in making our world a safer and more sustainable place but how on earth does this affect the way we work as Party Wall Surveyors?
Well, whilst it may take a moment or two more to come up with a realistic plan for our business, the latest ‘Green Issue’ of Modus really helped me to focus of the impact we can have just be being a little more conscious and aware of our actions.

At Party Wall Services we have now implemented a few key factors in making us greener and more sustainable:-

1) When we are not in the office of actively working from it all electrical devises are turned off, not onto standby.
2) We try to arrange site visits that make more economic and environmental sense by logically arranging them geographically favourably (which saves time and expense as well). In order to really push this idea with clients we offer a reduction in our fee where we are able to secure all appointments to neighbouring premises on the same day.
3) We aim to use the surveyor in closest vicinity to the job to undertake the survey work, again reducing CO2 omissions and time spent in travel.
4) We recycle ALL of our waste paper and are looking into options with out other waste products.
5) We have added an environmental notice to our emails asking that our clients also check the necessity of printing off documentation before doing so.
6) Wherever possible to retain and use only digital information. Printed documents are kept to a minimum.
7) Where possible and logistically feasible we use public transport to get around.
8 ) We are asking our clients to provide us with their development plans from a sustainable development perspective and in doing so hope that we can play our part in spreading the ‘Green Light’.

We are proud to be making Party Wall Services a more sustainable and greener business and are hoping to improve of our list of procedures in doing so.

We would welcome your thoughts and feedback on this article and how you are making changes so as to ensure that it is greener on our side as well as next door from now on.


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