(Lots of) Time to Reflect

I have recently read an article regarding Graduates and there approaches to finding work once they have completed their degrees and quite honestly it did make me realise that whilst I missed out on ‘student life’ I certainly made the right decisions professionally!
I worked full time on a day release programme and undertook further studies in the evenings which was hard going and looking back I’m not really too sure how I managed it but this gave me hands on work experience from a young age and required much greater discipline to ensure that I did not lapse on my studies. Now at the age of 29 I am jointly running my own company and can, with honestly say that I have been working in the field for over 10 years!! I can offer clients my expertise and knowledge but also back this up with experience and confidence, which many graduates may lack.
The article I read was in ‘Modus’ published by the RICS and it brought home the sorry fact that there are fewer jobs than candidates for every position but it also highlighted the fact that former students do not appear to have a genuine interest in the positions they are applying for. As an employer you would expect that an applicant would have researched your company and know a little about it and the position that was being advertised but in most cases this is not the case. Many applicants have little or no knowledge about their prospective employer or the position making the process for the employer extremely challenging. Reading through hundreds of generic CV’s to find that maybe 15% of them have the relevant qualifications and experience. It is hardly surprising that, perhaps to dull the mundane task of rummaging through the applications, employers increasingly check out applicants on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites. This can actually be a very informative exercise! However, how many jobless graduates realise that their status updates may actually be impacting on their worthiness for that elusive position? Until reading this article it is not something that I had considered but in fairness such sites do offer a great insight into the type of person behind the CV. Perhaps a more honest impression can be gained this way and in the long run, as an employer, taking this step could aid you in making the right choice for your business.
At Party Wall Services we are hoping to expand and in doing so will eventually be offering placements to graduates which we hope will give an opportunity to an individual on their personal and academic merits. It is crucial, where competition is high to stand out, for the right reasons, both as an employer and candidate.


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