A Time To Chill

So Christmas is nearly upon us once again and the weather has turned cold and bitter, so it this a time when building work is quite and plans are put on hold or does it become a manic rush to get things complete before the big guy in red comes to town?

At Party Wall Services we have experienced a bit of both and whilst it seems that around mid November things generally quieten down we have become increasingly busy with existing jobs and client either hoping to be done by Christmas or wanting a fresh start on site in the New Year.

The weather also seems to play a part in the big run down towards Christmas and historically the worse the weather the fewer enquiries, is this because we simply can’t bare the thought of being outside when the temperatures drop below freezing? Or perhaps because of the burring wholes in our pockets? Either way December is always a month that we expect to have more time to play with but surprisingly this has not been the case this year.

Party Wall Services pride themselves on offering good advise when it’s needed and as such we do not plan to shut down entirely over Christmas so if you or your neighbour are planning building works and need advise feel free to call us over the Christmas period.

Wishing you all a very merry, chilly Christmas and happy 2011!!


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