To Build or Not To Build?

The past few years have been a real struggle for both our economic climate and our personal welfare so it is no wonder that the construction industry has been in decline with many house builders stopping works and other cutting back or changing designs, however it appears that whilst larger projects have been put on hold, domestic extensions and home improvements are on an increase.  This maybe because people are choosing to improve rather than move but for whatever reason such an increase has occurred it has had a positive effect on smaller businesses offering quality services.

The Party Wall Etc Act 1996 affects so many domestic extensions that it has in turn aided companies such as Party Wall Services to grow despite the uncertainty within the industry.

Party Wall Surveyors generally seem to have a bad reputation within the domestic field as it appears historically that fees incurred in the appointment of party wall surveyors has been extravagant and not always just, however at Party Wall Services we feel that by offering fixed fee quotations and flexibility in our arrangements we will be able to make some headway in improving the reputation of all respectful Party Wall Surveyors.

The Party Wall Act is designed to enable works to proceed whilst taking into consideration those structures around the proposals and as such Party Wall Services believes that the fees incurred in invoking in Act should be relative and certainly should not cause reason for the question ‘ To Build or Not To Build to be raised.


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